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  • Akshay Kamath

RWJMS BEN Health Innovation Summit: 1st Place

Presenting aside many future changemakers, we were inspired to see innovative medical devices and medical platforms that aim to solve fundamental problems in our current healthcare landscape. Upon pitching to the panel of accomplished judges [pictured with us], we were incredibly humbled to see our startup, Nutrivide, take the first place award, coming with $8,000 to further our product development and a meeting with the New Jersey Health Foundation to expedite the path to market. While achievements like this are exciting parts of the journey, we should use them as opportunities to work even harder to reach the level of impact we truly wish to see. Wherever this journey takes us, we will never forget the deep-rooted sense of purpose and continual support the Honors College has given us, as well as the unparalleled mentorship from faculty across Rutgers. To paraphrase the words of Nina Vasan and Jennifer Przybylo, let's continue to find unmet needs, and 'do good well.'

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